[Mailman-Users] HTDig Integration in 2.1.1 broken

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Tue Apr 8 11:44:30 CEST 2003

At 00:22 08/04/2003, Listmom wrote:
>I've been running with HTDig working fine since version 1.x.  I just built
>and installed 2.1.1 (over a working version of 2.1) and searching no longer
>works.  I've read over the INSTALL readme, but something seems to be
>Has anyone out there made the transition successfully?  If so, could you
>contact me?
>Thanks, Tod

Are you using the Mailman/htdig integration patch #444884 or are you 
'manually' setting up Htdig to provide search facilities for your list 

I can help with the former. But you say you have been using Htdig in 
conjunction with MM since MM version 1.x and the integration patch was 
first posted for MM 2.0.3 so maybe you are not using the integration patch.

If you are using patch #444884 read on, otherwise turn off:

1. have you got the latest patch version from sourceforge 

2. have you also installed the other patches #444884 depends on [currently 
#444879, #661138 and #668685 - these last two are bug fixes for vanilla MM 

3. have you checked the INSTALL.htdig-mm file (installed by patch #444884) 
carefully and in particular noted the comments under the heading "Upgrading 
to htdig-2.1.1-0.2.patch or later from an earlier patch version". There are 
also some changes in the configuration variables associated with the latest 
version of the patch, which closes a security exploit. You will need to 
change the integration patch related MM configuration variables in 
mm_cfg.py if you are upgrading from an earlier version of the patch. This 
is all described in INSTALL.htdig-mm.

4. what do you mean by searching no longer works?

5. have you run the nightly_htdig cron script from the command line with 
the -v option and what does that output?

6. are the search forms embedded in list TOC pages?

7. what version of Htdig are you using? As noted in INSTALL.htdig-mm I have 
only tested against Htdig 3.1.6 Some problems have been reported by people 
using the beta Htdig 3.2 which is being shipped with some Linux distributions.

I have upgraded from 2.0.13 to 2.1.1 via 2.1 using the htdig integration 
patches and the current patch works for me. Thus far nobody has reported 
substantive problems with the latest patch version. That is not to say 
there are not any; just that nobody has notified me of problem - yet. 

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