[Mailman-Users] (python?) troubles installing mailman 2.1.1

Nico Alberti n8 at langhirano.it
Wed Apr 9 16:12:23 CEST 2003

> Did you install from an RPM?  If so, you may want to install from
> source.  In fact, you may wish to use one of the switches on the
> ./configure step and point Mailman to the python executable.
I first tried to install from a RPM, but after I saw this problem, I 
compiled mailman from source. ./configure did not give me any warning, 
and I know it checks also the python environment (python-devel.rpm needs 
to be installed, and so I did). I also specified the 
--with-python=/path/to/python but without luck.

Everything seems ok, just like the old pc I am migrating from, and where 
mailman 2.1b runs smoothly (comiled from source too)

Thanks for your answer, but the problem is probably somewhere else :-(

> Good Luck - Jon Carnes


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