[Mailman-Users] Mailman + Courier MTA

Tony Faoro tmf at adtaq.com
Thu Apr 10 12:50:53 CEST 2003

Good day all,

I'm having problems with Mailman and Courier MTA. I believe it has
something to do with aliases, as this is shown in my maillog:

Apr 10 03:47:57 web courieresmtpd: started,ip=[::ffff:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]
Apr 10 03:47:57 web courieresmtpd: error,relay=::ffff:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,ident=tmf,from=<tmf at domain.com>,to=<mailman-subscribe at domain.com>: 550 User unknown.

The courier command for refreshing aliases has been run and the format in
the aliases file is correct, as the same syntax fuctions fine with another

This question may be better aimed at the courier mailing list, but I
figured I'd ask here first in case someone has dealt with this already.

Thanks for your time,


Anthony M. Faoro II
CIO, Adtaq Internet
tmf at adtaq dot com
425.444.8787 VOICE
800.861.1834 FAX

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