[Mailman-Users] flow chart for Mailman

ljacobs lj at mandala-designs.com
Thu Apr 17 06:15:12 CEST 2003

Folks --

Does anyone have a jpg or gif documenting the flow of messages into or out of a Mailman system? Or is it possible to document what happens from a message getting submitted (for instance to a moderated list) and then showing up in the logs/post file and the data directory. And then what happens as it is approved and then mailed?

It seems this would be a great way for people to investigate their problems and manage much of their own problem resolution.

Alternatively can anyone tell me how a moderated list's messages get approved and which files are the source of this approval confiramtion? Is it safe to assume that after a posting shows up int hte logs/post file and gets approved from the list owner or manager, that it will get entered in logs/vette? It would be great to know the sequence and flow of these procedures.


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