[Mailman-Users] Virtual domain web address

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.demon.co.uk
Thu Apr 17 10:02:28 CEST 2003

At 06:39 17/04/2003, mailings at good-it.com wrote:
>Where can you find such scripts?
>I can't find them on my server and also not in the documentation (besides the
>withlist utility)?

As far as I know, the only documentation is what you get from running 
$prefix/bin/withlist with the --help option.

The standard MM 2.1.1 source distribution does include a withlist script in 
a file called fix_url.py which is installed in $prefix/bin if you install 
MM from the source. Run fix_url.py from the command line and it will print 
its usage instructions (or just look at the script's text)

You write such scripts yourself to meet your local needs, They are usually 
quite short; just a few lines. You do need to learn a little Python but if 
you've done any programming that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

For instance I "wrote" a 3 line script to stop password reminders going out 
for several hundred lists one our MM server,

If the contents of the short withlist script file $prefix/bin/fix_remind.py 
is as follows:

 >>>>>> snip--------------------------
def fix_remind(mlist):
     mlist.send_reminders = 0
<<<<<< snip--------------------------

then executing the following command line from inside your $prefix directory:

ls -1 lists | xargs -n 1 bin/withlist -l -r fix_remind

will turn off "send password reminders" for all of your lists.

>Grz. Johan
>Op woensdag 16 april 2003 22:22, schreef Richard Barrett:
> > At 19:21 16/04/2003, Michael Clark wrote:
> > >I'm running with Mailman 2.1.1, sendmail 8.11, apache 1.33, and lists are
> > >working fine. I set up a new list to be managed on one of the site's
> > >virtual domains. Email to the list is being distributed fine, but URLs
> > >mentioned in the web interface and the welcome message are referring
> > >people to the primary domain. How do I set the list to be entirely hosted
> > >on the virtual domain? Michael
> >
> > Using the withlist script $prefix/bin/fix_url with the --urlhost option
> > might do it.
> >
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