[Mailman-Users] incorrect attachment url in virtual host environment

Roman Gavrilov romio at netvision.net.il
Thu Apr 17 23:00:22 CEST 2003


I have one mailman server serving few virtual domains lists.
Each domains has its own virtual web interface through "lists.domainname"
Everything seems to work ok besides the archives.
If there is a message with an attachment, the attachment url is being set to DEFAULT_URL_HOST instead of
the 'lists.domainname".
example :
domain: domainname.com
list : testlist
listinfo url : http://lists.domainname.com/mailman/listinfo/testlist  OK
archive url : http://lists.domainname.com/pipermail/testlist/  OK
message in the archive : http://lists.domainname.com/pipermail/testlist/2003-April/000006.html OK
attachment url : http://MAINDOMAIN/pipermail/testlist/attachments/20030417/e9340378/attachment-0001.htm NOT OK

the attachment url is not being set properly.
Is there anyway to configure mm_cfg.py so when the archive is created the attachment url will be also set to the virtual domain.


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