[Mailman-Users] Converting Existing Private Archive to Public Archive

Bill Selmeier bills at right-net.com
Fri Apr 18 00:30:31 CEST 2003

Hi, I've searched the FAQ's and other docmentation but either the
information to too cryptic or I'm just lost, but I need help converting a
quite large private archive to become publically available.  What I
probably need is someone who can tick off the steps for moving it from
private to public.  Sorry to be so clumsy.  I've been reading this list
for over a year, but I haven't seen this described so far.

I have operated several politically oriented mail lists since the mid
'90's and the list members have agreed the information should be
searchable via the web and search engines.

I'm using Mailman 2.0.11 and  Exim version 3.35 mail server. I have
successfully converted all the previous majordomo archives to Mailman
mboxes in the mailman/private/ directory.

Could someone either list the step by step or point me to a specific place
where the step by step is described.



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