[Mailman-Users] Problems with install on RaQ4r w/Sendmail, smrsh and Mailman

David J. Duffner - NWCWEB.com mmuserslist at nwcweb.com
Mon Apr 21 17:55:30 CEST 2003


	Attempting to install MM 2.1.1 with Python 2.2.2
on a Sun Cobalt RaQ4r.

	So far, everything's working 100%, but there's
one nasty issue that seems to be plaguing everyone
using this type of setup.

	With the recent Sendmail exploits, we've had to
patch using Solarspeed's latest two patches specifically
for the RaQ4 series.  That's gone perfectly, everything
is running AOK for regular mail on this particular

	But, Mailman's not playing nice with Sendmail
for the handling of any e-mail for Lists.  All the
config screens work without errors as far as MM goes,
you can create lists and do everything involved with
MM without a hitch.

	Has anyone here found a way to get smrsh to
stop the 'Service Unavailable' problems?  I've used a
solid install method for MM that was posted past
October, prior to the Sendmail/smrsh restriction
issues.  I've also tried the workarounds that were
included with MM's packaging, but they either can't
apply without interrupting some other vital function
on the box or they don't have an effect.

	I've tried creating wrappers that should allow
MM to call up Sendmail and tell smrsh to allow the
call, but they still don't seem to have any effect.
One thing to note is that when I had the stock wrapper
installed, I got the Service Unavailable replies to
post attempts.  When I then created a wrapper 'mailman'
in the same location, the e-mail attempts now go off
into oblivion as though they transmitted correctly
but then just die somewhere in cyberspace within the

	In this case we've eliminated the Majordomo
that comes with the RaQ's as the default.  This has
obviously killed a large and vital List currently
running from the box, but my timeframe for a solution
is gone so I've got to get Mailman completely operational.

	Also, I dug into some .py files and discovered
that this particular install has a default configuration
for SMTPDirect instead of Sendmail.  The .py explains
what's set up, but not if that's causing my problem and
simply changing that setting as the .py file says to
do would eliminate the situation.

	Anyone with any ideas or assistance, please let
me know!

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