[Mailman-Users] Does Mailman require Java? Java is a tremendous problem elsewhere.

mavs at panix.com mavs at panix.com
Tue Apr 22 13:19:04 CEST 2003

For managers and list users alike please tell me that Java is
not included in Mailman.

It causes such a big problem with WAIS and other database
queries and with the ability to save links.

Can I manage Mailman from my shell account through
Envirolink via my shell account at Panix.com.

Envirolink,s ftp access REQUIRES Java which I do not have
and don't want to use because it has a public firewall

Java, like password accounts at some sites, limit use.

I guess they believe that most people have java and do not
want to give the other 5 percent a historical option.

Richard Stafursky
(302) 645 -5592
Lewes, DE

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