[Mailman-Users] missing aliases.db file

Mike Gideon mike at miis.edu
Wed Apr 23 22:08:52 CEST 2003

I origionally installed from RedHat 9 intaller.  That was just flat our
wrong.  Half the directories were wrong, just all kinds of problems.  I've
been playing with this for almost a week now.  I have gone over the
README.POSTFIX, and README, and INSTALL files over and over and over.  I
even printed them out and am jotting notes on them as I go.

I think I may just do the make clean trick, but I've been hammering on
this so hard, the exact ./configure line with the options I chose has
already rolled throught the history file.

When I did this I thing I did
./configure --prefix=/var/mailman --with-mail-gid=41 --with-cgi-apache

Is there anyting I missed that would be causing this?

Todd <Freedom_Lover at pobox.com> writes:
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>Mike Gideon wrote:
>> yes, 
>> It generated a list of aliases that it told me to put into my postfix
>> aliases, so I added it to /etc/postfix/aliases and then restarted
>It sounds like you may have run genaliases before you put MTA = 'Postfix'
>into mm_cfg.py.  Once you set the MTA to postfix, genaliases should
>the ~mailman/data/aliases files.  There is then no need to manually put
>into your /etc/postfix/aliases file.
>You might want to go back through the README.POSTFIX file and make sure
>have followed each step in order.
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