[Mailman-Users] HELP: Mailman 2.1.X, Sendmail, smrsh not playing well together!

David J. Duffner - NWCWEB.com mmuserslist at nwcweb.com
Mon Apr 28 16:21:54 CEST 2003


	Second request:  I have a RaQ4/RH Linux box with
Mailman fully installed.  All the Mailman screens and
functions appear to be working without a hitch.

	But, when anything is posted to any List in the
system it never makes it anywhere.

	With the first attempt at config, it would return
the 'Service Unavailable' messages as have been discussed
here.  I made a separate wrapper to point to 'Mailman'
instead of 'Wrapper' (as the instructions state for both
Mailman and a subsequent piece on those using Sendmail) 
to see if that would solve the problem vs. instructions
I had.

	Once I made that wrapper, everything posted no 
longer replies with 'Service Unavailable', it just goes
off into oblivion with no responses from the system.  I
figure that might be good, as it's pooling them up for

	But it still comes down to the fact Mailman can't
call Sendmail for handling as 'smrsh' stops the process
call for security reasons.  Sun/Cobalt/RH doesn't place
the possible directories as have been discussed here as
a possible solution, such as '/etc/smrsh' where I could
place config files or anything that would tell smrsh to
let the traffic pass.  So I'm clueless at that point.

	ANYONE with suggestions, clues or questions please
get in touch with me.  I know I'm not the only one with
this particular setup, so I would think open discussion
here and debates on solutions is as good as off-list, but
I'll take it any way help can come.  I have one major
List offline for 1.5 weeks now that I HAVE to get working
so I'm desperate.

	Thanks in advance!

      David J. Duffner
      VP Operations
      NWC Corporation
      Global E-Pay Solutions 


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