[Mailman-Users] Analysis of reasons for bounce responses

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Fri Aug 1 02:43:48 CEST 2003

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Christine De La Rosa wrote:
> When I got this dedicated server, it had mailman pre-installed so I
> thought kewl I will use it instead.  It ran fabulously until cpanel did
> their last upgrade.  I have been in hell since then.  

Unfortunately, I work on a site which is hosted using cPanel.  It's a far
cry from the problem free experience I have with my own mailman installs
which "just work."  When they finally did the upgrade to 2.1.2, I had some
immediate problems with bounces but then the server admin applied an update
from cPanel that seems to have fixed that.  I don't know it the bounces were
at all similar to what you're having, but I mention it in case you haven't
applied whatever updates cPanel has pushed out.  It was either a mailman or
exim update, I'm not sure since I don't admin the box.

Of course, the cPanel upgrade to 2.1.2 also broke some virtual host stuff
for me that I have yet to get the host to work out.  I have tried and tried
to contact the folks at cPanel directly to find out what patches they apply
to mailman and request the sources for those changes (as *required* by the
GPL) to no avail.  They have simply ignored me.  I find that really
annoying.  If anyone knows of a way to reach someone at cPanel, please let
us know.  I'd like to point out to them that they *need* to make their
changes available to the public.  I'm not a fan of folks making money off of
the work of open source software and then not even having the courtesy of
honoring the few license requirements there are.

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