[Mailman-Users] Weird Triple post problems

Heather J. Lubinsky heather at pcgal.com
Fri Aug 1 15:41:05 CEST 2003

I have an earthlink user.  She belongs to several of our lists but one of
our lists - gives her 3 posts.  I recently had her unsubscribe and subscribe
a hotmail account - she had no problems.  So she resubscribed and she even
received 3 confirmation requests.  When she gets the posts whether digest or
standard she gets 3 of them - but only with the one list.  At first I
thought it was at her end like downloading problems - but it is always 3 and
only with this one list.  I mean even her confirmation to subscribe was 3 of
them.  She has sent me the emails and they are all identical.

No one else on the list seems to have this problem - does anyone have any
ideas of log files to check or anything that might account for this?

Like I said it is only this one user on this one list even the user doesn't
have problems on our other lists and they are identical setups (at least I
think they are)

Oh and originally it was NOT happening to her when she signed up but at one
point she started getting the problem it has never gone away and it is with
EVERY post from ONLY that list.

Even having her unsubscribe for 3 weeks and using another account did not

Heather Lubinsky
heather at pcgal.com

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