[Mailman-Users] reply-to?

Schwarzenberg, Weiffenbach info at haus-schwarzenberg.org
Sat Aug 2 20:22:54 CEST 2003

hi, i just installed mailman 
2.1.2. because of problems 
with my old 2.0.? version. in 
this new version there is 
one thing i don't 
understand: if i switch on 
the anonymous_list feature 
and additionalö define an 
reply_to_address, in the 
messages from that list 
appears a repüly-to with 
BOTH the list-address and 
the 'explicit' reply-to 
address in it.

this ist no good. i there a 
way to get mailman to use 
only the reply_to_address?

please send a copy of your 
answer to my email 

The Thing, 
Ulf Schleth, Rosenthaler 
Str. 39, D-10178 Berlin
fon +49-30-44650705 fax 

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