[Mailman-Users] No documentation for ver 2.1-8?

Bruno Mattarollo bmatt at mac.com
Mon Aug 4 09:50:22 CEST 2003


On Monday, Aug 4, 2003, at 09:17 Europe/Amsterdam, Todd wrote:

> It's been mentioned here a lot since RH 9 came out, but that package 
> was put
> together by monkey's on some new form of crack.  Search the archives 
> for
> bugzilla.  There's a few links to redhat's bug tracking for these 
> issues and
> a few simple fixes to get mailman started on your system.


> If you want to use an RPM, you might want to check out what they have 
> in
> rawhide.  It's supposed to fix the documentation issue and other (more
> critical) problems with the shipped version.  Why they haven't 
> released an
> errata to fix this is beyond me.  Mailman, as shipped with Red Hat 9 is
> unusable for most people.

Just to make sure, I have quite a lot of lists running of a RH9 + 
Mailman 2.1-8 RPM version, getting the RPM mailman-2.1.2-2 from 
rpmfind.net (Rawhide 1.0) and doing "rpm -Uvh mailman*rpm" should work, 

Thank you in advance for your help,


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