[Mailman-Users] Misdirected Monthly Notification Bounces

Tom Stoner tgstoner at umich.edu
Sun Aug 3 01:53:20 CEST 2003


I am a list administrator on a Mailman 2.0.7 system, and not a system
administrator.  I've already referred this problem to our system
administrators and they've attributed it to a worm or virus infection by one
or more list members.  I don't think so, and believe they just don't have
any ideas about what's causing the problem and are blowing me off and hoping
the problem will go away on its own.  Here's what's happening:

For the past three or four months, about half a dozen non-deliverable
monthly subscription reminder messages come bouncing back to me.  They're
addressed to "<mylist>-admin@<domain>.org.  None of these people are members
of my list however.  They are however reportedly members of one or more
other lists on this same system.  A fact which may or may not be important
is that when the available lists on the system are shown alphabetically, my
list is first one.

Just a few minutes ago I visited the archives for your users list here for
the first time ever and scanned the archives for the past couple months.  I
didn't spot anything previously posted which I thought related to this
problem however.  As I said, I'm not a Mailman system administrator.  So I'm
not familiar with configuration settings other than those I can change for
my own list.  I don't know how those monthly reminder messages are
configured or sent, nor do I presume to have the necessary access rights to
get in and even just look at them.  That said, are there any suggestions I
might pass back to the system administrators about this?  In advance, thank
you very much.

Tom Stoner
Ann Arbor
tgstoner at umich.edu

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