[Mailman-Users] Help with unknown url being inserted into admin page

David Patton dpatton at surreyresort.com
Mon Aug 4 15:20:47 CEST 2003


In the course of setting up a mailman box, I have had little and or no 
problem in setting it up.

But now that the time draws nie that it goes live, I have come across a 
disturbing problem. When I create new lists, they are now directed to 
http://cyberhq.internal.cyberhqz.com/mailman/admin/listname rather than to 
the local box (which is surreyresort.com) . I have no idea why and or where 
this could have
come from and could use any suggestions. Up until today I have had no 
problems with this machine. Yesterday I did run an apt-get update and
upgrade(I know I forgot to mention that this is a debian boxen) but nothing 
involving mailman was updated.

Any suggestions?


David Patton
MIS Dept
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dpatton at surreyresort.com

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