[Mailman-Users] What version is recommended for RH9.0?

Mark Champion mark at bigdaddyo.com
Tue Aug 5 07:58:02 CEST 2003

Thanks to several people who helped me get Mailman 2.1-8 installed and working.  However, I think I prefer v2.0.13 - the version I had under RH7.2.  And, I see the current version is 2.1.2.  My question is... What version is recommended by this group?

One important criteria is that I need to move an existing list over from my RH7.2 system to my new RH9.0 system.  I presume this will be easiest if I'm using the same version on both computers.  But, maybe somebody has a suggestion for this?  Can I simply copy the contents of some directory over?


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