[Mailman-Users] Archive Problem.

lappleby at backtalk.org lappleby at backtalk.org
Wed Aug 6 06:43:26 CEST 2003

I recently edited my archives to remove an email, but when I re-arched
them I got a bunch of screwy
entries. ( http://www.bhsims.com/pipermail/caledonia/2003-July/date.html )

When I tried to edit the archives again there were a bunch of messages
that were fragments of messages that existe in other month's archives
looking something like ..

  From: bogus at does.not.exist.com ()
  Date: Mon Apr 30 11:55:01 2001
  Subject: No subject
  present and she suddenly became aware of a muffled rucus just
  beyond the transport's walls.  If thats what she'd landed in.
  *Battle to end all battles..from those sounds and the way these
  troops look..*

  Her mind struggling to determine just where *here* was. Where ever
  it was, it certainly wasn't her family's villiage in Japan or their

Removed all of those and re-arched. They didn't go away. So I ask.. Does
anyone know what's causing this problem and more importantly how I fix
it? It's only affecting my July archives, but it's still irritating!

-Lorna Appleby

Queen of the Insane Stuffies

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