[Mailman-Users] running nimda test

chris weisiger chrisw at neill.net
Wed Aug 6 22:57:02 CEST 2003

i didnt know if there was a way to test mailman to detect the nimda 
virus...since there was a tests folder...
ive been trying to google for information but i havent come across 
anything really about testing...
...so if there isnt anyway to test it...
what do you mean by excercising the email parser package's MIME handling 
code.....is there anything to worry about and nothing to test 
really....and are the tests for developing purposes only?


Ben Gertzfield wrote:

> chris weisiger wrote:
>> i noticed the nimda test virus in the Mailman tar.gz file
>> how do i test Mailman using the nimda test file?
> That file is actually only in the Mailman source code as a way to 
> exercise the email parser package's MIME handling code; Nimda virus 
> emails have particularly bad MIME parts, so we wanted to make sure 
> Mailman's email parser didn't choke on them.
> There's no way to "test" Mailman using that file -- it doesn't even 
> contain the whole virus, just part of an infected message.  What 
> exactly did you want to test?
> Ben

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