[Mailman-Users] Replaced sendmail with qmail - kaaputz

Jaswinder S. Hayre jas at nysia.org
Wed Aug 6 23:01:12 CEST 2003


I had Mailman working with Sendmail for a pretty long time, but today I
decided to move to qmail.  Once I installed qmail, that's when thing went
downhill.  First I had to recompile Mailman because of the change in GIDs.
After recompiling and  reinstalling I dropped my old lists into the lists
directory, and now nothing is being sent out.  My logs/post file says "Aug
06 15:52:15 2003 (6867) post to announcementshtml from mailman-owner at lists,
size=1321, 1 failures"  

And another piece of strange behavior: my logs/bounce says "Aug 06 15:52:15
2003 (6867) Announcementshtml: jas at nysia.org - first" but I can succesfully
send email from the list server to jas at nysia.org from the command line.  

It fails each and every time.  The post shows up in the administrative page,
I approve the posting but nothing ever goes out.  The members of the list
never get it, and the maillog doesn't have any record of the post going out
either.  This is Mailman version 2.0.13.   I have been tweaking with things
for hours on end without any good results, got any solutions?


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