[Mailman-Users] no mail... looks like an exim config problem

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at dev.InTechnology.co.uk
Thu Aug 7 10:21:03 CEST 2003

On Wed, 2003-08-06 at 18:42, Kirk R. Wythers wrote:
> I need to configure exim for a virtual domain. The uname of my machine
> in lorax.forestry.umn.edu, the virtual domain that I want to run mailman
> to/from is neighborsunited.net. 
> Here is the exim log error:
> 2003-08-06 12:14:53 remote host address is the local host:
> neighborsunited.net (while verifying
> <testlist-bounces at neighborsunited.net> from
> host localhost.forestry.umn.edu (lorax.forestry.umn.edu) [::1])

So you basically have an exim problem.  You might well do better asking
on the exim lists - see

> If I add the domain neighborsunited.net as the primary hostname, will
> that take care of it? 

No.  primary_hostname is whats used in the HELO lines and Received:
tracking lines.

> # primary_hostname = 
> primary_hostname = neighborsunited.net
> or do I also need something here? 
> domainlist local_domains = @
> domainlist relay_to_domains =
> hostlist   relay_from_hosts = localhost
> Lastly, how does one HUP exim?

Seriously, do you really feel you are an appropriate person to be
connecting a mail system to a large, complex and hostile network of
systems?   You really need to have some idea of the fundamentals of
internet mail before you start trying to run your own servers or mailing

BTW if you are running Mailman as a virtual under exim then normally you
want things set roughly like this under exim:-
      * primary_hostname should not be set *unless* your machine does
        not know its own hostname (or the hostname does not agree with
        the DNS data for that IP)
      * local_domains may contain an @ (shorthand for $primary_hostname)
        but in general most systems to not have that.  You would however
        have a list (colon separated) of the domains you accept (as a
        termination point - not a relay point) mail for.  Your mailman
        domain should be listed here - but also see the Mailman howto in
        both the mailman distribution and on the exim web site.
      * Before starting your mail system up make damn sure things are
        configured appropriately for local delivery etc, otherwise you
        will lose local mail.
      * Before starting a mail server on an externally connected network
        make damn sure your ACL settings are sensible, otherwise you
        become an open relay.
      * Restart exim by sending the process a kill -HUP - ie
                kill -HUP `cat /var/run/exim.pid`
        alternatively use the system startup script to stop and restart

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