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Thu Aug 7 14:33:14 CEST 2003

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>On Wed, 2003-08-06 at 14:06, David J. Duffner - NWCWEB.com wrote:
>> 	So that's the question, to install it system-wide
>> or install it on a domain-as-needed basis.  Majordomo
>> exists in each domain separately, but that's not saying
>> much.  Switch selectable, can be tossed in seconds.
>> 	Any advice appreciated!
>>       David J. Duffner
>My advice to you is that you install Mailman once per 
>domain.  If you do this, you'll actually find the install
>easier than on the RAQ, but still a Bi**h to troubleshoot.

	I must admit, once it was shoved kicking and screaming
into the RaQ I never had a single issue with it's operation
from that point forward.  Worked like a champ!

>Since you've done it once on the RAQ, you have braved the waters of
>chroot, and you probably know the various tricks of getting 
>a service to run inside a chroot.  The last Ensim install I did,
>I had to install Python 2.2 for each domain as well as Mailman,
>in order to get it to work right - but that was an earlier
>version of Ensim with an earlier version of Python. 

	This may be where I get an advantage... With Ensim Pro 3.5.XX,
it almost looks like they heard the pleas to use Mailman as
there's little tidbits of code in various files that can be
turned on to ensure it works properly.  Not a word anywhere
about using it, but it's still there.

	With 3.5.XX, Python's actually pre-installed and appears
just like Perl, CGI, etc. in each domain's space.  Again, as
I mentioned, it's like mini-RaQ's vs. one OS that doles out
shared resources from the center of RH and makes you try to
symlink and tie everything together.  That's why I asked 
should I go system-wide or domain by domain, because it looks
like they geared it to be installed d-by-d.  They've done 
the same thing with Miva Merchant, if you select to provide 
it then it dumps a new core in each domain including the
Empresa engines.  The RaQ just dumped one core in and you
were on your own.

>I just nurtured one of my buddies through an Ensim install.  
>He didn't listen to my initial advice which was to "RUN!"
>and don't look back at that client.

	LOL, actually I must say the Pro 3.5.XX series is 
much better than given credit for.  I know the versions
prior were a nightmare.  But in the new Pro series, all
the complaints seem to have been solved.  It's just missing
any sort of realistic documentation to explain what exactly
they decided to do to fix things and what works what.

>If you're doing this as a consultant, be sure you tell the 
>client that you are billing by the hour, and it's going be
>a lot more hours than they expect!

	Heh, no it's internal, that's why they pay me the big
bucks!  Wait.. ok, just bucks... Wait... when DID I get a 
paycheck last? <Grin>

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