[Mailman-Users] error log reports miss spelled listname?

Kirk R Wythers wythe001 at umn.edu
Fri Aug 8 01:44:38 CEST 2003

 I have moved a list onto a new machine set up to handle virtual hosting. A
newly created 'testlist' works perfectly. However, the moved list does not.
The mailman error log reports the error: no such list as

The only other odd thing is when I querry 'owner' like this:

/usr/local/mailman/mail/mailman owner

I get this error: 

Group mismatch error.  Mailman expected the mail
wrapper script to be executed as group "mailnull", but
the system's mail server executed the mail script as
group "wheel".  Try tweaking the mail server to run the
script as group "mailnull", or re-run configure,
providing the command line option `--with-mail-gid=wheel'.

It just doesn't make sense that there would be a real gid error if the
testlist does all the right stuff (ie subscribes sends mail, accepts mail


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