[Mailman-Users] Mailman + htDig

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Sat Aug 9 17:48:40 CEST 2003

On Saturday, August 9, 2003, at 04:06  pm, Rich West wrote:

> Ok.. I think I know what I did.. I didn't restart the qrunner.  As I 
> wrote the previous email to you, I realized that I had _thought_ about 
> restarting the qrunner, but didn't.  I went through the whole process 
> again:
> o Edit mm_cfg.py to set USE_HTDIR=1
> o python -c 'from compileall import *; 
> compile_dir("<prefix>/Mailman",10,"<prefix>/Mailman")'
> o /etc/init.d/mailmanctrl restart
> o bin/rmlist test
> o bin/newlist test
> o bin/arch test
> o Entered additional recipients via the web interface.
> o Sent a test message to the test list
> o /usr/bin/python -S <prefix>/cron/nightly_htdig -v test  (it 
> complained about not having the centralized db files, but that seemed 
> ok)

I think you can resolve this by reference to the section under the 
heading "htdig Permissions Considerations" in INSTALL.htdig-mm

When rundig is being run by 'mailman' cron as the 'mailman' uid it 
probably does not have permissions to create the 'shared' htdig db's. 
My hack is to give the 'mailman' group group ownership and write 
permission over the the common and db subdirectories of the htdig 
install (/opt/www/htdig/ or wherever yout htdig is installed), and the 
files there contained.

> o Pointed my browser at the test archives, and viola!  The search 
> ability was there!  And searching worked!
> I'm not sure if it was the fact that I recompiled the mm_cfg.py file 
> or restarting the qrunner which started things working, though.
> Now, I just have to go through and migrate the existing lists. :)  
> Hopefully, that won't be too difficult. :)

Best of luck.

> Thanks for all of your help!

No problem. Pleased you are up and running.

> -Rich
> Rich West wrote:
>> Ok.. I blew away my test list, set USE_HTDIG=1, restarted the 
>> qrunner, created the list with newlist, ran blow_away_htdig test, ran 
>> arch test, and sent a message to the list.
>> It seems likeit does everything BUT create update the index.html file 
>> with the search info..
>> Perhaps I should start over from scratch...
>> -Rich
>>> Wait a sec... if I am reading that correctly, then existing lists 
>>> would have been created using the standard templates which did not, 
>>> obviously, have the htdig patch.  Newly created lists would be 
>>> created against the now-patched htdig templates, and they should 
>>> work properly.  Existing lists would have to have their templates 
>>> patched accordingly.
>>> Is that right?
>>> If so, then it is likely that my installation IS working as 
>>> expected.  I will have to delete my test list and recreate it, then 
>>> run some tests and observe the results.
>>> I'll let you know if I have any troubles there.
>>> Thanks for your help!!
>>> -Rich

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