[Mailman-Users] Hotmail and Yahoo sending mail straight to junk folders.

Mark Dadgar mark at pdc-racing.net
Mon Aug 11 18:35:58 CEST 2003

Raquel Rice at raquel at thericehouse.net wrote:
>> It seems that hotmail and yahoo are sending mail from mailman
>> straight to junk folders, this is REAL bad, especially because
>> it's possible to delete junk folders without actually looking in
>> them.
>> Why is this, is this because there is a bulk mail setting in the
>> mail header? If so, how can I stop this being written into the
>> mail?
> Look at the mail headers to see.  Write to the abuse dept. of Yahoo
> and Hotmail to get their responses.

This is very likely because of the mail server the messages originate from
being whitelisted and not from headers in the messages themselves.

Ask me how I know.

- Mark
mark at pdc-racing.net

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