FW: [Mailman-Users] Public/private archives problem.

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Mon Aug 11 23:54:31 CEST 2003

Forgot to copy to list - the reply defaulting to the sender caught me
out :)

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Hi Richard,

> > Is there a reason the two are different?
> If I am honest, it is not immediately obvious to me why the
> difference
> in computing the hostname used in private and public archive 
> URLs. But  
> with a properly configured vanilla Mailman installation, the results  
> should be same in either case.

LOL, thanks for your honesty.  I see what you're saying about vanilla
MM, but sadly I have to use the bananna flavoured version :/

> But you could check the 'Host name this list prefers for
> email' option  
> on the General Options page of one of your problem lists (3rd 
> from last  
> option with MM 2.1.2). Does this look to be correct? I would 
> expect it to.

Yes, this is correct.

> > As you say, it could be how CPanel have integrated mm, or
> it could be a
> > configuration issue with how they set it up.
> There is fresh news. There is good news and there is bad news.
> The good news is that you are not alone. I have just fooled
> The bad news is that this looks like a built in 'feature' of the
> current CPanel implementation.

Deep joy :(
Still, thanks for checking it out - it means I can at least eliminate my
hosting provider from my enquiries....

> My guess is that the CPanel's own scripts are used by CPanel
> in place  
> of the standard Mailman scripts to create new lists and that these  
> scripts set the list web_page_url and host_name attributes 
> directly but  
> without adding any matching add_virtualhost() calls to mm_cfg.py to  
> expand the VIRTUAL_HOSTS dictionary.

Okey doke, so if I say to the Cpanel people that they
"need to add matching add_virtualhost() calls to mm_cfg.py to expand the
VIRTUAL_HOSTS dictionary."

Then they should understand what that means, since they've been doing
their own scripts?

> This would not be a major surprise as the VIRTUAL_HOSTS dictionary
> stuff now in Mailman is a MM 2.1.x introduction and CPanel basic  
> implementation predates it with MM 2.0.x.

K.  2.1.2 was only recently added to Cpanel AFAIK....

> If I can find time I will look at the issue a bit harder but
> right now  I cannot see any easy solution for you. Basically it looks
> me like a  rough edge on the CPanel implementation rather than a bug
in Mailman.

Thanks.  An "easy" solution would be for private and public to do the
same thing, but I'd still have to convince the Cpanel guys to implement
and my hosting provider to upgrade :( You have been a great help already
by getting me this far.  Much appreciated.

> You could try posting a query to one of support forums on
> www.cpanel.com to see if one of their support people can 
> confirm/deny  my hypothesis and hopefully offer a solution.

Funnily enough, I'd just registered on their forums before I read your

> Let me know how you get on.

Will do.

Kind regards,


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