[Mailman-Users] Re: qrunner with over 90% CPU

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Tue Aug 12 05:07:11 CEST 2003

Jon Carnes  wrote:

> >       Both of which are well less than what I have.  What would this do?
>For *you* it would make things worse!  So don't change what you have.

      That's what I thought.

> >       Not yet, but it will be in time as I move more lists.  I am way over
> > due for some upgrades and the box no longer covers what I need, so I'm
> > looking to move to a new server.  I'm thinking a two HD box running
> > C-panel, and I'm looking to run a better MTA than sendmail.
> >
>Hmmm, well you could experiment with Postfix now. You might have to mess
>with the GID's from the Mailman install, but other than that (which is a
>PITA) Postfix is pretty much a drop and insert replacement for Sendmail.

      I have learned that with a chrooted environment nothing is a drop in 
ANYTHING.  I plan to have a good long overlap on the two servers, so I can 
play with the new one and get it right without upsetting any of the paying 
customers!  Unless Postfix could be installed alone side of Sendmail and 
used just for MM.  I've not looked into that, but I have a bad feeling 
about it.

>I've googled for the problem and at least two other folks changed MTA's
>and the problem went away... No other solutions though.

      Well that is my long term fix.  Thanks.

<>< Paul 

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