[Mailman-Users] script alternative to radio buttons?

Tokio Kikuchi tkikuchi at is.kochi-u.ac.jp
Tue Aug 12 23:26:09 CEST 2003


How about this;




Chris Wellens wrote:

> We need a command line script alternative to the web page radio buttons, and we
> are willing to pay for it!
> We have ten mailman mailing lists that we use very effectively with our
> customers and internal staff.  Every day, our Administrator has to go to
> the "Pending Administrative Requests for mailing list ..." to get rid
> of all the spam posts.  Often there are fifty or so per mailing list,
> so 500 unwanted administrative pieces of mail.
> It takes a very long time (one or more hours per day) to click the
> "discard" radio button for each mail message per mailing list, and then
> finally click on the "Submit All Data" button.
> Our administrator would like to quickly skim the pending messages,
> see if there are any that are bonafide messages that should be posted
> to the mailing list, and then discard all the rest in one fell swoop.
> If someone could write us a script that we could run from the Red Hat Linux
> command line, we are willing to pay for the development and resubmit to the
> community.
> We would like to do something like this:
> linux prompt% discard pendingmsgs mailinglistone
> where "discard" is the command, "pendingmsgs" is an argument, and
> "mailinglistone" is the name of the mailing list to get the treatment.
> We use Mailman 2.1.2 and RedHat Linux 9.x.  We compiled our own version of
> Mailman because the one that shipped with RedHat did not work right.  Our
> network administrator who set this all up says he is too busy to write the
> script for us, so that is why we are asking for help from the community.
> Thanks in advance.

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