[Mailman-Users] Define stuff per list or language?

Anders Norrbring anders at norrbring.biz
Thu Aug 14 13:34:13 CEST 2003

Hiya all!

I've found the really nice feature in 2.1 to have custom templates for each
list and/or language available.

But, there's one important (to me, anyway) variable I can't seem to find any
possibility to customize per language, so if anyone knows how, please help!

The variable is 'member_moderation_notice'.  Since we run a couple of dual
language lists it kinda important to set.  We have both English and Swedish
languages on those lists, and as many of you know, we Scandinavians (and
others) use extended ASCII in our texts, so if I use any of those, they show
up correctly when a user have set his/her language to Swedish, but if the
language option is set to English, then it's a mess in the mail sent out as
moderation/reject e-mail.

Due to the fact that I haven't found any customization function for that
specific parameter, I have to include both Swedish and English explanatory
text in the response e-mail, and it really sucks when a user gets a mail
full of  å and alikes just because I can't set one string per

Please point out to me how it can be done!

Thank you! 

Anders Norrbring
Norrbring Consulting

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