[Mailman-Users] Help with weird setup

Mike mike at superiorholidayadventures.ca
Thu Aug 14 17:01:24 CEST 2003

I'm having a heck of a time getting my mailman configuration finalized
and I know it's because of my setup.  I'll ask my question now and list
all the technical details below.

QUESTION:  What can I do to modify my current lists so that they send
out their subscription confirmation links as
http://host2.domain.com:8080/ instead of http://host.domain.com/?


I have two boxen behind a NATting firewall that looks like this:

              Port 80 ----> +--|   IIS   |  host.domain.com
                            |  +---------+  host2.domain.com 
              +----------+  |                    redirects to --------+
[Outside IP]--| Firewall |--+                                         |
              +----------+  |                                         |
                            |  +---------+                            |
              Port 8080---> +--| Apache  |  host2.domain.com:8080 <---+
                               | Mailman |
                               +---------+  Apache is listening on Port
                                            - IPTables DNAT is
                                              Port 8080 on the outside
                                              Port 80 internally

1.  When I access http://host2.domain.com/mailman/listinfo/listname I
get redirected by the IIS server to
http://host2.domain.com:8080/mailman/listinfo/listname.  This is on
purpose to get around people that will simply type in
http://host2.domain.com and wonder why things don't work.  When I get to
the requested page, I can then fill out the HTML form to subscribe.
When I submit the form, because it's ACTION is
http://host2.domain.com/mailman/subscribe/listname/ and not host2:8080,
the POST variables seem to get stripped and I get an error saying that
"You must supply a valid email address".  I cannot subscribe to lists
through the HTML pages.

2.  If I send an email to listname-subscribe at host.domain.com I get a
confirmation e-mail back which looks like this:


I click on the URL and am forwarded to:


When I click on the Subscribe to Listname button I'm presented with
another form asking for the confirmation code.  I then copy the
confirmation code out of the e-mail
(0618bc95ac6b9f595dafc3f6c2b08fe34eb1b412) and paste it to the form.
The form is submitted and then I'm presented with the same form asking
for the confirmation code.  Again, I suspect this is happening because
the FORM's ACTION is http://host2/ and not http://host2:8080/ resulting
in the POST variables being stripped.

3.  If I simply reply to the list confirmation request I can subscribe
successfully and send and read email's sent to the list.

4.  All of my lists were created internally with DNS pointing to the
internal (192.168.0.x) address of the server.  They worked great.  Now
I've changed the DNS to the outside IP of the firewall and now these
problems are cropping up.  Also, if I go directly to
http://host2.domain.com:8080/mailman/admin I'm told that there are no
lists available.  If I attempt to create a list with this interface and
then subscribe to it, I'm successful (even using the web interfaces).

Thanks for any help, 

Mike Fetherston

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