[Mailman-Users] Junk mail copied in post approvals

Mark Adler madler at alumni.caltech.edu
Thu Aug 14 22:23:11 CEST 2003


 From the change log for 2.1:

	When a message is first held for approval, the notification
	sent to the list admin is a 3-part multipart/mixed.  The
	first part holds the notification message, the second part
	hold the original message, and the third part hold a cookie
	confirmation message, to which the admin can respond to
	approve or discard the message via email.

The consequence of this change since 2.0 is that every single junk mail 
to the list (which is nearly all mail that ends up getting held for 
approval) is copied in its full glory to the list administrator.  This 
particular list administrator experiences the further consequence of 
having to give his junk mail filter mixed messages about trying to not 
mark such email as junk, yet mark other email with the same contents as 
junk mail.  Even ignoring the filter problems, I'd just as soon not 
have all that email copied to me at all.  It would be sufficient to 
send me an email that there is a post awaiting approval without even 
providing the from address or the subject line.  I can always go look 
at the email in its less offensive raw text form on the Mailman 
disposition web page.

So is there a way to turn this off?  Is there an option for this, or 
does the source code need to be modified?


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