[Mailman-Users] Email posts get posted to the wrong list!

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Fri Aug 15 09:51:03 CEST 2003


On Friday, August 15, 2003, at 12:31  am, William Knechtel wrote:

> Please forgive my misuse of the term "umbrella list". I made an 
> incorrect
> correlation. :-)  Now, for your peruasal, I'm posting the contents of 
> my
> alias files.  I have mailman installed in 
> /usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org.  My
> MTA uses maildirs, very much like Qmail, and in fact uses the same 
> style of
> aliasing, if your familiar with the way .qmail works, though in my 
> case, the
> files are .courier.  My maildirs are in /usr/local/mail/psi-np.org/.  
> So,
> here are my aliases for both "mailman" and "all":

I do not use courier myself but, at first glance, your alias stuff 
looks OK to me, but what do I know.

You might be able to check out what Mailman and courier think are 
happening by correlating the MTA mail log with Mailman's 
$prefix/logs/vette log.

The vette log should have an entry for the mail being held for 
moderation by the 'wrong' list which confirms the list that MM thinks 
it was posted to, and the message ID.

When you look at the MTA log <from> entry for the message ID, does the 
expected listname appear as the list alias to which the MTA says it is 
delivering that message as recorded in the matching <to> MTA log entry. 
If it does not, that would tend to reinforce the idea that this is an 
aliases handling problem with the MTA. If it does, it suggests a new 
and interesting problem in MM.

Let me know how you get on.


> mailman (found in /usr/local/mail/psi-np.org/mailman/):
> .courier:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman post mailman
> .courier-admin:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman admin mailman
> .courier-bounces:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman bounces mailman
> .courier-confirm:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman confirm mailman
> .courier-join:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman join mailman
> .courier-leave:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman leave mailman
> .courier-owner
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman owner mailman
> .courier-request:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman request mailman
> .courier-subscribe:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman subscribe mailman
> .courier-unsubscribe:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman unsubscribe mailman
> And all (found in /usr/local/mail/psi-np.org/all/):
> .courier:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman post all
> .courier-admin:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman admin all
> .courier-bounces:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman bounces all
> .courier-confirm:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman confirm all
> .courier-join:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman join all
> .courier-leave:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman leave all
> .courier-owner:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman owner all
> .courier-request:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman request all
> .courier-subscribe:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman subscribe all
> .courier-unsubscribe:
> 	|/usr/local/mailman/psi-np.org/mail/mailman unsubscribe all
> So, the Aliases are correct.  I don't blame you for doubting me on 
> this one,
> and I don't think you argumentative, I'd do the same if the roles were
> switched.   Would you have any ideas where else I could look??
> Kindest regards,
> Bill
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>> On Thursday, August 14, 2003, at 10:24  pm, William Knechtel wrote:
>>> Hello All!
>>> I'm trying to set up Mailman 2.1.2 on a FreeBSD 4.6 server.  I'm 
>>> using
>>> courier-MTA as my mail server software. I've gone through the install
>>> procedure, and set up the prescribed umbrealla list called "mailman",
>> Why do you refer to the 'mailman' list as an umbrella list? This term
>> has a specific meaning for Mailman lists being that for a list whose
>> members are other lists.
>>> and set up a test list, which I'm calling "all".  When I sent a 
>>> message
>>> to all at psi-np.org, it's not actually posting to that list, it's 
>>> posting
>>> to mailman at psi-np.org! Now, I've redone the install process (twice),
>>> I've verified that the aliases I'm giving courier are correct,
>> Without wishing to be argumentative, if the Mailman mail delivery
>> wrapper is called correctly by the MTA then the mail will be accepted
>> for and processed on behalf of the correct list. If it is getting to
>> the wrong list then the Mailman mail delivery wrapper is not being
>> called correctly and typically this is because the mail aliases are
>> incorrect.
>>> and
>>> still, the post end up posting to the wrong list.  The "mailman" list
>>> respond to my attempts to post to "all" with:
>>> <snip>
>>> Your mail to 'Mailman' with the subject
>>>     Please Work
>>> Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.
>>> The reason it is being held:
>>>     Message has implicit destination
>> This will occur when mail is received by a list which does not find 
>> its
>> email address in either the To: or Cc: header.
>> In your case, this tends to reinforce the view that the MTA, when
>> delivering the message via Mailman's mail delivery script, is passing
>> it to the wrong list. When the message is being processed by that list
>> it finds it is not in the To: or Cc: header of the message; hence the
>> error message.
>> This error can also occur when posting to a list which has another 
>> list
>> as a member and the sublist does not see itself in the To: or Cc:
>> header when the message is passed down to it.
>>> Either the message will get posted to the list, or you will receive
>>> notification of the moderator's decision.  If you would like to 
>>> cancel
>>> this posting, please visit the following URL:
>>> </snip>
>>> I'm at a loss here.  Would someone be so kind as to point me in the
>>> right direction??  Thanks in advance!
>>> Kindest Regards,
>>> Bill
Richard Barrett                               http://www.openinfo.co.uk

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