[Mailman-Users] mail man list problem

Andrew Falgout Andrew.Falgout at usm.edu
Thu Aug 21 18:18:28 CEST 2003

We recently moved to mailman from majordomo, and I'm having serious issues with performance.  I've tried subscribing to the users and developers lists, but they have not responded to me within 24 hours.  By this I mean, when I tried to subscribe, I never got an email for verifying the subscription.

I really need help.  I did not realize the performace would be so slow to respond, and my /var/spool/mailman/qfiles is filling up quick.  I'm up to 3000 messages in the system, and it appears to only be sending out 1 smtp log entry every minute.  How can I boost this performance?!?!

Thank You,

Andrew Wilson Falgout (RHCE)
System Admin II
University of Southern Mississippi
Office: 601-266-5603
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=>Those that understand binary, and those that don't.

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