[Mailman-Users] Mailman, postfix and virtual domains

Roman Medina roman at rs-labs.com
Sat Aug 23 20:45:40 CEST 2003


 I'm using Mailman 2.0.11 and I'd like to have different mailing-lists
for different virtual domains. I digged a bit through ml archives and
it seems that this feature is not implemented yet: you cannot have
_different_ mailing-lists called "list at domain-one.com" and
"list at domain-two.com" because Mailman only recognize listnames (and
the name "list" is unique). Please, confirm that. When is it planned
to implement this feature? Any aprox. date? :-)

 By the way, I still have some related questions:
1) I've heard about some tricky solutions like having different lists
and use aliasing at MTA. For instance: having created "list-domain1"
and "list-domain2", and then create a "link" (=mail alias) between
"list-domain1" and "list at domain-one.com". Do you have any mini-howto
explaining this procedure for Postfix&Mailman in a detailed way? Which
Pros & contras would I have with such a solution?
2) How could I configure virtual hosts at Mailman? I couldn't find any
info or docs about it. I suppose the concept of virtual host at
Mailman would be having _one_ only list attached to several (virtual)
domains (but indeed the list is the same and only for all domains). Am
I right?
3) Which other mlm would you recommend to me with real virtual domain
support? (I mean, they should allow the possibility of having
different lists with the same listname at different virtual domains).
Does ezmlm support this? Sorry for this last question but I had to ask


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