[Mailman-Users] Announce only issue...please help!

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Sat Aug 23 05:31:32 CEST 2003

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WREL WeatherCenter wrote:
> However I am stumped on the following issues:
> 1. Is there a way to set up Mailman to only allow my email address to post
> to the list, and
> 2. automatically reject posting attempts from anyone else without?

Yep.  Here are some instructions take verbatim from the Mailman FAQ, section
3.11 entitled, "How do I create a newsletter/announcement/one-way list?"

    How to restrict the list so only authorized persons can post:

    Turn on the moderation flag for all your existing users.  Go to the
    membership management page, and use the Additional Member Tasks to turn
    on the mod flag for all users.

    Then go to Privacy Options -> Sender filters and set the
    default_member_moderation flag to Yes so that new users are
    automatically set as moderated.

    Set the member_moderation_action to Reject and add a nice rejection
    notice text to the following text box.  Say something like "this is an
    announcement list, to reach the band, please email band at dom.ain"

    Set the generic_nonmember_action to Reject or Discard.

Check out that FAQ entry for some other helpful tips on setting up an
announcement list and a warning about how to avoid unauthorized users
posting to the list using the moderation settings method outlined above.
The URL for the FAQ is in the footer of each message.

> If you could help, we'd be extremely grateful.

Does the gratitude include beer?  :)

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