[Mailman-Users] Non-member post to members-only list auto-approved?

Michael Sheldon msheldon at desertraven.com
Mon Aug 25 20:01:41 CEST 2003

I had a strange thing happen the other day that is either a bug in Mailman's
(v2.1.2) handling of members only lists, or is a bug in the logging of

A member of one of my lists used the "Email Story" link on Yahoo news to
mail a news story to the mailing list. This went straight to the list
without being held for approval. The From: address was
refertofriend at reply.yahoo.com, definitely not a memeber of the list. The
only way I knew that it had anything to do with a valid subscriber is
because Yahoo was nice enough to put the person's email address in the body
of the message:

"censored (censored at yahoo.com) has sent you a news article. (Email address
has not been verified.)"

Otherwise, there was no sign of a valid subscriber's address either in the
message headers or in the mailman logs. The logs only show the
refertofriend at reply.yahoo.com address. I have to assume that the envelope
sender was actually my subscriber's address, but that's purely an assumption
on my part, since there's no actual evidence of it.

IMO, If mailman is going to approve posts based on the envelope sender, then
it REALLY needs to both log the envelope sender, and set the "on behalf of"
part of the address to the envelope sender, not the From: header line

Michael J. Sheldon
Make a fast friend, adopt a greyhound!

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