[Mailman-Users] Posting from the archives - lists sender, but not list

Anita Lewis ajlewis2 at intac.com
Wed Aug 27 20:09:24 CEST 2003

We have the new version of mailman on a webhost which uses cpanel.  I note
that now there is the feature of responding to emails from the archives.  This
will be very handy for some of our subscribers.

For some reason only the sender's name is listed to reply to.  Howevery, when
I reply by clicking on that sender's name, it actually sends to the list. 
That is where I want the messages sent, but it is confusing to the users to
have it look as though the reply will go to the sender.  I cannot find out
what is causing this.  It doesn't seem to be a setting that I can adjust.

I have seen this feature working properly on debian-users at lists.debian.org
where one may reply to sender, list, or both.

I found some helpful things in the FAQ, but not an answer to this.


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