[Mailman-Users] mail server recommendations?

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Thu Aug 28 00:13:10 CEST 2003

At 2:21 PM -0700 2003/08/27, Aviram Carmi wrote:

>  If I am to make changes to sendmail might as well install another
>  server which will be better/easier for me as a non-admin person to
>  use/configure/maintain.

	[ ... deletia ... ]

>  Any recommendations/suggestions?
>  Should I even bother to replace sendmail?

	Sendmail is quite capable of doing the job.  However, many people 
find it difficult to configure and manage.

	For smaller sites, or sites wishing to have a simpler 
configuration file, I find that postfix generally works very well. 
It has one of the simplest configuration files that I have ever seen, 
and comes configured out-of-the-box to be just about the perfect MTA 
for a mailing list.

	I've also heard good things about Exim, but my own experiences so 
far have been less positive with it than with postfix.  Note that 
Exim is not designed to be a drop-in replacement for sendmail, 
whereas postfix works very hard to function correctly in this role.

	If you'd like to learn more about postfix, you may want to check 
out the article at 
and read the pages that they link to.

	You should also read the Mailman FAQ, question 4.2 "Which MTA 
should I use with Mailman?", at 

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