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jsmith jsmith at smittybuilt.com
Thu Aug 28 03:00:53 CEST 2003


This is a known problem with Mailman.  I have as well as others have had
this problem since the first day.  I posted these problems to the list
with no resolution besides someone saying that I can not used OUTLOOK as
a mail client or not to send HTML.  What they never read is my posts is
that I have tired it with a Hotmail account, Eudora, Outlook, as well as
from the commandline from within freebsd to the list with the same
results.  I have been told that a future version will deal with this

Don't hold your breath.  If your list is mainly a announce only like
mine is you can just manually put the footers in the body of the email.

Other than that you have set up nothing incorrectly that is causing this


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Don't send html email to the list.  That's most likely why the footer is
being appended as an attachment.  Try it with a plain text message and
see what happens.


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Hello friends,
My "Footers" are being sent to our mailing list participants as
"Attachments" rather than being inserted into the message text.
Please advise what I setup incorrectly and what I must change to have
the "footer" placed at the bottom of the e-mail message text.
Thank you for your assistance.
- Tony -

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