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jsmith jsmith at smittybuilt.com
Thu Aug 28 06:58:22 CEST 2003

If you've really tried sending mail from all these other mailers, why
does THIS message have the footer as part of the message body and not as
an attachment?

I have asked that question so many times here and get no answer that its
not funny.  I have watched others ask this question and it does not get
answered or addressed other than blaming it on the great empire of Bill
Gates because he must be a demon.  I have heard it all.  I even brought
up the point that my mailings to this list work fine on your servers but
not on mine.  SO I assume it must be a configuration problem.  Yet no
one can tell me  what is incorrect or where to fix it.  I have even
heard that it's a character set problem.  I am just tired of listening
to everyone else blame this problem on something else that I know I have
tried and as it turns out, its not the reason.  I have watched Microsoft
bashing, to outlook bashing to everything else.  It's a mailman to
sendmail issue.  Somewhere there is a configuration problem.  But since
this isn't a MS product you can't just install it and expect it to work.
You have to configure damn near all open source programs for each
specific machine and the specific OS its running.

I am new to Freebsd.  I admit that.  That is the reason I asked this
very question months ago and then just waited, and waited, and waited.
Then I waited for someone else to have the problem and post a question
on how to fix it.  Still nothing.  Nothing in the archives about it that
corrects this issue.  Yet everyone seems to blame something else.  Its
complained enough about to warrant a response and a solution.

I actually reached my bullshit level and just installed Majodomo.  I
would rather have used Mailman.  But it doesn't work right unless you're
a developer and fix whatever line of code is causing it.  But I am not a
developer just a newbie that someone talked into using a freebsd box
vice something that would take a hell of a lot less of my time and would
have worked right the first time.  Sure, it might not have had the
supposedly great uptime of freebsd or any of te other *nix's.  But I can
reboot a computer easier than I can learn to program in perl and save
myself all this trouble.

Mailman seems to be a great product.  IF and when it works right.  I am
just a stupid retired Marine that makes money in this business and time
is money.  Wasted time is lost money.  I have lost enough

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On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 06:00:53PM -0700, jsmith wrote:
[ Two layers of miserable Lookout! TOFU corrected ]

> > > My "Footers" are being sent to our mailing list participants as 
> > > "Attachments" rather than being inserted into the message text.
> > >  
> > > Please advise what I setup incorrectly and what I must change to 
> > > have the "footer" placed at the bottom of the e-mail message text.

Use demime or stripmime (as per the Mailman FAQ) to strip HTML from the
list, and / or stop sending HTML mail.

> > Don't send html email to the list.  That's most likely why the 
> > footer is being appended as an attachment.  Try it with a plain text

> > message and see what happens.

> This is a known problem with Mailman.  I have as well as others have 
> had this problem since the first day.  I posted these problems to the 
> list with no resolution besides someone saying that I can not used 
> OUTLOOK as a mail client or not to send HTML.

This is not a "known problem" with Mailman. When a message has a MIME
attachment, the safest way for Mailman to add the footer is to add it as
an additional plaintext MIME attachment. There's no way for it to safely
add the footer to one of the individual attachments; this would break
PGP/MIME signatures, cause weird problems with multipart/alternative
messages, etc.

If you've really tried sending mail from all these other mailers, why
does THIS message have the footer as part of the message body and not as
an attachment?

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