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Will, Listmembers,

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MEA-West Networking Meeting tomorrow, Thursday 21 August, 1730 at
Sharky's, Del Mar BOQ on Camp Pendleton.


Please do NOT reply to this email: The list server is on transmit only.

Please DO continue to send job openings, networking requests and
questions to FISHE at AOL.COM.

If you have difficulty registering, send your request to
fishercs at aol.com.

Some short fuse positions below, so please forward ASAP.

Semper Fi,
Steve Fisher, Col., USMC (ret)
President, MEA-West


The next MEA-West networking meeting is Thursday 21 August from 1730 to
2030, at Sharky's in the Del Mar BOQ on Camp Pendleton.

Our guest speaker is Dr. Drobnick, the Vice Provost for International
Studies at the University of Southern California. Dr. Drobnick also sits
on numerous international committees and policy organizations, including
the Pacific Rim Educational Organization and Presidential Advisory
Committees. This should be another terrific meeting and opportunity to
hear a world renowned speaker. Come to the next MEA meeting and network.

As in July, for the August meeting we will serve heavy hors d'oeuvres,
rather than a dinner. We ask everyone who attends the meeting to
contribute $5.00 for the cost of  the food.

The agenda will be to gather in the bar at 1730, networking and buffet
style heavy hors d'oeuvers until 1815, 1815 introductions/speaker, and
1930 adjourn and continue networking. We will try this to see how it
works. Please let us know what you think.


MEA, East Coast, contacts: Jack Leonard, Chair, JLeonard at VAWC.com;
George Hofmann Jr, President, Jlhgrh at aol.com; Joe Riggio, Chair
Emeritus, joeriggio at msn.com, XX-XXX-3323. Website: www.MarineEA.org.


MEA ORANGE COUNTY Contact: Don Brown, dcbrown7611 at cox.net, (949)


Marine For Life website: www.MarineForLife.com



1. Twyla A. Johnson is a highly skilled, multi-tasked oriented
individual seeking new opportunities for future growth and challenges in
the Computer Information Systems field. She is the wife of a Sgt in the
Marine Corps stationed at the Camp Pendleton Base, and is confident that
she can provide great attitude and positive energy to any company. She
graduated from Saint Augustine's College in Raleigh, North Carolina with
a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems. Not only
did she graduate Magna Cum Laude (3.6), but she was on the Dean's List,
Honor's List and a Presidential Scholar. Twyla has a background in
administrative processing, sales, management and client relations. She
is also experienced with meeting deadlines and working in fast paced
environments. Twyla Johnson can be contacted by email at
twylajoh at hotmail.com .

2. MSgt John Ubaldi is a reserve Current Operations Chief who has been
working on active duty at I MEF G-3 in support of Operation Enduring
Freedom and Iraqi Freedom Since November 2001. Spent six months in
Afghanistan with CJTF-180 Operations Section. Has a Bachelor's Degree in
Government, worked on various local & State wide political campaigns for
candidates. Many years of public speaking experience in the community
and with Toastmaster International obtaining the designation of Advance
level Toastmaster-Silver level. Looking for a position in public
relations or public advocacy in the Sacramento, California area to begin
in the September time frame. Has a Secret Clearance. Can be reached by
email at joldi at hotmail.com or by phone at t- 15135. 

3. Electronics Technician Chief Petty Officer Tom Batty has 25 years
active duty with the United States Navy.  Currently holds an Bachelor of
Science in Liberal Studies with empasis on Information Technology,
Excelsior College, 2003 and a Top Secret Clearance.  Looking for a
managerial, project management, or human resource position in the Info
Tech or Telecommunications industries. He has been the lead technician
for four commands over a ten year period.  This broadened experience
will easily allow him to fill a position in these technical industries.
With a diverse background in digital and analog electronics maintenance,
Windows NT - LAN maintenance, PC repair, Help Desk Manager functions and
a broad personnel supervision base of experience, his career path has
all the flexibility that is needed of senior leaders in today's
Currently stationed in San Diego, he retires 31 AUG 03.  Although he
desires Colorado Springs, CO, he'll relocate to anything west of the
Mississippi. Email: 
baa at aol.com; phone (

4. Former corporal and captain Michael Casper has 5 years of F/A-18
aircraft maintenance experience with two years in quality assurance-MOS
6002 and 6112.  
BA in International Relations from the University of San Diego and MA in
Management.  Strong operations management background with diversified
experience in inventory control.  Seeking a career in operations,
management, or consulting.  Willing to change industries.  Currently in
San Diego.  Willing to relocate. Email: usm2 at yahoo.com

5. Capt Michael Yeargan has 5 1/2 years of combat arms and leadership
experence and a BS in Geography from Texas A&M University. Capt Yeargan
has recently returned from Iraq and has work related travel experience
in Great Britian, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait,
Iraq, East Timor, Phillipines, Australia, Japan as well as study related
travel in Central America.  He is seeking a position as an Executive,
Administrator, Manager or Project Officer with a company were he can
match his determination, energy, and skill set with company objectives.
Active Top Secret Clearance with SCI eligibility.  
Open to sales positions.  Interested in working in Washington D.C. or
surrounding area, Washington State, Oregon, Texas, Colorado, and major
cities. You can reach Capt. Yeargan at email:YearganMR at I-Mef.usmc.mil
(work) Adve at hotmail.com (home), 760-11 (work), 949-2170 (cell)

6. Lt. Col. Kevin Laude is a reserve communication/information systems
officer who has been working on active duty at the IMEF G-6 in support
of Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom since November of 2001.
He has 18 years of telecommunications and IT management and consulting
experience, both for the Marines and for large international
corporations.  Provided IT support to such diverse industries as
defense, transportation, banking, pharmaceutical, and software
development.  Looking for a position in Southern California to begin in
the Fall.  Secret clearance, but TS eligible (background check in
 E-mail at kevinlaude at cox.net or call 6-7331.



American Systems Corporation is looking for a Marine colonel/lieutenant
colonel or Navy 06/07 to run their San Diego operations.  The individual
must know SPAWAR -- mostly a logistics environment-- and be willing to
market into other areas as well. Currently, Rear Adm Tom Stone is in the
position. American Systems Corp is an employee owned company that does
157M a year in business.

Contact: LaMont J. Wells
American Systems Corporation (ASC)
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development 13990 Parkeast Circle
Chantilly, Virginia 20151-2272
Office: 705134
Cell: 7-5314



RDR, Inc. has recently received an RFP from the DEA and has a tight
response time. The company must determine whether or not they could
really make offers to candidates for physical security work (deadline is
8/25). If the company wins the contract, the following job opportunities
would be available. 

The work calls for Physical Security Specialists who will conduct threat
and vulnerability assessments, surveys, and write the subsequent
reports. They will assess DEA sites in the US and abroad.  We're not
sure where home base will be but they will probably all work out of one
location (we hope here in
Virginia) and we need a supervisor and a Program Manager. 

Another portion of the work involves Divisional Physical Security
Specialists who perform much like a Facility Security Officer at one of
7 DEA Aviation facilities.  The locations are Ft. Worth, Boston, Denver,
Seattle, St. Louis, San Francisco, Newark and Philadelphia. 

All positions require a TS clearance and candidates for the FSO like
positions need to have SCIF experience. 



Fast growing management and systems analysis firm in Crystal City, VA
has several immediate openings for senior level, highly qualified
Department of the Army Systems Coordinator (DASC) Provide dedicated,
full-time, on-site coordination and integration support services.  Lead
Acquisition Agent for selected Army programs.  Synchronize program
actions and decisions with management, leadership and materiel
Apply professional knowledge of Army and Marine Corps planning, user
requirements, systems technologies, acquisition strategy, and program
cost, schedule and risk to ensure successful program execution.
Operations Manager
Provide dedicated, full-time, on-site, coordination, integration and
oversight of plans and operations in support of a Program Executive
Office.  Draft documents and make recommendations related to
interpretation, implementation, formulation and evaluation of
operational and administrative policies, procedures, and processes
related to the overall operation and management of a fast paced,
geographically dispersed office. 
Positions located in the Northern Virginia area and require SECRET
clearance, strong communication & writing skills, knowledge of Army
management, budgetary and acquisition processes.  Previous experience on
the Army Staff, Assistant Secretary Army (Acquisition Logistics
Technology) staff, Marine Corps Systems Command or Headquarters Marine
Corps staff required. 
Excellent benefits package.  EOE.


SYColeman is looking for a retired field grade officer to work in the
Pentagon in support of USMC Joint Warfighting Capabilities Assessment
The position is to be filled this fall - salary competitive and
excellent benefits
1.   Represent Marine Corps's position within JWCA/Joint Framework
Concept Development Experimentation (JCDE) context.
2.   Actively coordinate Marine Corps's position with HQMC  (PP&O, AVN,
C4, I&L, and P&R)  Action Officers (AO) and  MC AOs that may be assigned
to other JWCAs that have overlapping areas of interest or are designated
as "supporting JWCAs."
3.   Interface with other HQMC staff function (MROC especially), MCCDC &

MARCORSYSCOM on matters to ensure joint issues and procedural aspects
are followed during JWCA /JCDE process.
4.   Interface with JFCOM USMC LNOs on issues that effect operational 
concepts, experimentation and employment.
5.   Interact with the other Service JWCA Coordinators and Combatant
staffs to determine their requirements and respective positions with
regards to JWCA topics at hand. 
6.   Interact with OSD (AT&L), (PA&E), (P) as required regarding
architecture development, Joint Capabilities Integration Development
(JCIDS) assessments and potential capability investment strategies.
7.   Prepare, review and deliver reports and presentations on an "as 
required" basis to support MROC and JROC decision-making processes. 
8.   Review PPBES documents (DPG, POM, BES, PDM, PBDs,  PCPs, BCPs,
CPA and CPR, etc. -- including other Service submissions) for impact on
Marine Corps programs, funding and U.S.C. title 10 responsibilities with
regard to training, preparing and equipping the force to support the
Component Commanders. 
9.   Facilitate Marine Corps participation and/or represent MC in 
restructured capabilities-based requirements and acquisition process
through the Functio nal Capability Board-level and as required through
the JROC-level of senior leader preparation.
10. Assist in the preparation and staffing of CMC's input to the
Chairman's Program Assessment and Chairman's Program Recommendations to
CJCS for inclusion in the BES and POM.



EDO is looking for a Marine Corps Communications Officer for a full-time
position with the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab at Quantico, Virginia.
The job is a quick fill. Salary range in mid- to high  $70Ks.



Professional Solutions is seeking the following:
Job Title: Principle Systems Engineer

This is a full time position.  The individual will support a VA
Learning/Content Management Systems as an integral part of
organizational assessment, and enterprise knowledge management strategy,
integrated with content management, search, portal, and collaboration
frameworks. The work location will be Alexandria, VA. The anticipated
start date is 30 September 03. Salary is commensurate with experience.  

General Functional Responsibility: The individual may be required to
formulate, modify and maintain, and define specifications for operating
systems applications and/or hardware configurations and uses engineering
releases and utilities from manufacturer.  They will be responsible for
program design, coding, testing, debugging and documentation.  They may
also be responsible for applications dealing with the overall operating
system, such as sophisticated file maintenance routines, networks, and
computer accounting.  The individual will be integrating an LMS and LCMS
solution designed to manage the creation, storage, reuse, and delivery
of learning content from a central object repository-everything from
conception to delivery.  They must be capable of instructing, directing
and checking the work of other task personnel or lower-level engineers. 
 They may plan and perform network engineering research, design
development, and other assignments in conformance with system design,
engineering and customer specifications.  The individual may supervise a
team of Engineers through project completion and may be responsible for
major technical/engineering tasks. They may also be responsible for
quality assurance review and the evaluation of existing and new software

The individual will support implementation - To include obtaining and
porting over database of VA users, integrating course enrollment
information, establishing database connectivity and interfaces, entering
course information in the VA KC, and QA/QC and testing.  In addition,
they will be part of a team that ensures the new site is interfaced in a
manner that provides direct, transparent access to all existing CAMEO

The individual will be working with the following infrastructure:
Network Requirements
Item Description/Issues/Solution
Connectivity-- Internet and Wide Area Network (Intranet) Speed -- T1
(frame relay) and ATM Routers -- Cisco - 4700 & 7000 series Server
Platform Requirements Item Description/Issues/Solution Operating System
-- Microsoft NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 Processors -- Quad (450 mhz)
Storage Media -- 50 gigabyte disk and 70 gigabyte tape Intranet Software
-- Microsoft IIS Email Software -- None (Host Exchange) Other installed
software (shared server) -- N/A Minimum Client Platform Requirements
Item Description/Issues/Solution Operating System -- Microsoft Windows
2000 Processors -- 700 mhz Hard Drive -- 40 gigabyte Browser --
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) RAM -- 256 Sound Cards -- Yes Security
Requirements Item Description/Issues/Solution Login -- VAMASTER
Authentication Firewall -- Yes, Martinsburg (VA Maintained)

The individual will also support the customization. This includes:
installing a development version of the Learning Management System on a
Contractor server, populating the site with VA content (such as the
acquisition glossary and references), initial graphical user interface
changes (such as color scheme, logo, etc.), and QA/QC and testing.  

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements: Bachelor's Degree in
engineering or computer science, or with engineering or computer science
as a major field of study, or equivalent, PLUS 6 years related
experience. TWO ADDITIONAL years of directly related job experience may
be substituted for each year of college not attended.

1. A Master's degree may be substituted for TWO years of experience. 

2. A doctoral degree may be substituted for an additional TWO years of

3. Each project-related IT or Telecommunications Certification may be
substituted for TWO years of college or TWO years of experience.

4. Experience in general must be professional and job related, though it
need not be in the specific area of the employee's responsibility.
Additional experience substituted for education must be in the area of
the employee's responsibility.

5. FOUR years experience is equivalent to a Bachelors Degree.

6. ONE year of college is equivalent to ONE year of experience.

If interested, send detailed resume and salary requirements to
Contactus at professional-solutions1.com.



RNB Technologies is looking for:
Principle Engineer USMC beyond Line of Site Tactical Data Link
Implementation * Engineer/Analyst to support Marine Corps Systems
Command BMADS in the development, testing and integration of BLOS TDL
capabilities into existing and fielded combat systems.  Work shall
assist in development of operation requirements, and Key Performance
Parameters for Marine Corps Command and Control systems.  Must have
understanding of Link-16 architecture development as well as various
long-range communication architectures to include SIPRNET, EHF SATCOM,
Ultra High Frequency (UHF) satellite and terrestrial Radio systems, and
UHF DAMA.  Knowledge of missile defense IDO and USMC missile defense
systems is a plus.  skills on Microsoft Office products are required.
Periodic travel is required.  Prior military experience is essential.
B.S. Degree required; Master's Degree desired.
Applicants selected will be subject to a government security
investigation and must meet  eligibility requirements for access to
classified information. 




We are still growing down here (NERRTC, Texas A&M University System) and
have numerous openings for retiring SNCO's and Officers.  Attached are
ones I think many Marines would find of interest as they transition.
Great quality of life,  low cost of living, no state income tax and
great schools.  90 miles to Austin, Houston or Waco.  Good benefits and
retirement system. Lots of retired and former military in the

Communications Director
Contract Administrator
Instructors - Engineering, Utilities & Public Works Training
Institute/Law Enforcement Program Coordinators (Emergency Response

People who are interested should go to the website and follow the
instructions to apply. 
Please don't call or e-mail me. I cannot get directly involved in
talking to potential applicants.



Hot fill for a position in the Chicagoland area by company called Patten

Immediate need for a trainer. It's for the Heavy Equipment "earthmoving"

side. Looking for SNCO types in Engineer, Motor T primarily.

Otherwise, I'll speak with any viable candidates. I know Ft LeonardWood 
trains the USMC

Engineers (Basic, Journeyman, Chief).



Security Services

I am contacting you regarding security services for a USAID funded
project in 
Iraq. I believe you have contact with individuals who may be interested
in pro
viding security management services.


We are in the bid stage of a $40m contract that would require us to
field up 
to 50 people at four sites in Iraq for 1-3 years. I am looking for
with an appropriate SF/SOG background to act as security manager for the
should we win it. See attached file for a rough scope of work. It would
be a 
one year contract, resident in Baghdad with some travel. The individual
oversee a contract with a security firm (Olive Security,

Kroll, Securicorps, etc...) but would work directly for the implementor
the project, Chemonics International (see 

Salary is in accordance with USAID rules and is largely dependent on
salary history. Full benefits package to include war risk life


I will be happy to make any connections you can help me with in terms of

suitable and interested candidates. We may mobilize as soon as the end
of August. 


POC: Andy Grimi


Below, please find an updated listing of our current openings. The
spots are the Sr. Software Systems Eng, Sr. Signals Analyst and the
Program Manager.

POC for all is: Alden Reynoso

Recruiting for OSEC

1. Senior Signals Research Analyst/Engineer , San Diego

Our Senior Signals Research Analyst/Engineer will work on projects which

will draw upon acquired skills and experience in such areas as research

signals analysis, trend analysis, associative analysis, digital signal

processing, algorithm generation/usage, scientific programming, systems

engineering, software systems architecture and design, and the like.

skills will be required to define system design requirements and

approach for performing automatic extraction of actionable (tactical)

intelligence from aggregates of signals. The developed

will interface with a database via SQL calls and/or web browser XML

APIs. To this end, the successful candidate will have experience with

designing and/or identifying, and developing and/or integrating

parsing/filtering tools, information correlation/association tools,

automated data mining tools, multi-domain search engines, and/or

information/data extraction tools. All capabilities to be developed

integrated will be automated or semi-automated. Advanced degree (MS or

with experience in the physical and applied sciences strongly preferred.

combination of education and deep experience will be considered in lieu

an advanced degree.

Clearance: Candidate must have an active US Government SSBI completed

the last 5 years and must meet DCID 6/4 standards.


2. Senior Software Systems Engineer, San Diego

OSEC is currently seeking a Senior Software Systems Engineer willing to

in hands on software design, integration and test environment. Must be a

self-starter capable of working effectively with software development

Must be capable of defining, assessing, and understanding COTS data

software tool integration and usage problems, database/data element -

software interface problems and providing solutions and alternatives.

college level mathematical background, as applied for data mining, is

desired. The candidate must be able to develop and integrate software

the target distributed client - server development environment. Required

skills including C++, Sun SOLARIS OS, SQL, SYBASE RDBMS. Desired skills

include JAVA, Win NT OS. The task will be to integrate, tailor and

COTS Data Mining tools to achieve intelligence extraction goals. (DM

training will be provided). Software development will be required to

integrate with SYBASE relational database and HMI/GUI displays.

and understanding of software APIs desired.

Please note: Candidates MUST have an active US government SSBI completed

within the last 5 years and meet DCID 6/4 standards.


3. Assistant Program Manager, San Diego

Our Assistant Program Manager will provide system engineering and

management assistance for Navy C4I programs. This position requires

significant prior experience as a government employee (military or civil

service) within the DoD Acquisition Workforce. Project Management

is a plus. DAWIA certification is a plus. Also requires a BS or MS in

Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a related discipline, or an

equivalent combination of education and experience. The position is

in San Diego.

Please Note: Candidate must have a government conducted background

investigation completed within the last five years and meet DCID 6/4


4. Contracts Assistant, San Diego

Contracts Assistant required to assist busy Contract Administrators with

their cradle-to-grave processing and complete specified reorganization

projects as assigned. Duties include (but are not limited to):

of contract files; document distribution; data entry, correspondence;

tracking and reports; and other standard office functions. Specific

include (but are not limited to): develop and manage contract file

re-organization including hard-copy files and soft-copy materials; audit

contract files and create and/or update Contract Brief for all active

contracts; develop and implement a tracking database for all NDA and

support the preparation of a modification to OSEC's GSA Schedule

and audit financial records and perform contract closeouts. 

Skills Required: 1-2 years experience supporting a government contract

administrator; familiarity with FAR requirements; MS Office proficiency

(Word and Excel required, Access a plus); excellent oral, written, and

organizational skills; must be detail-oriented, self-motivated, and able

work independently or with a team in a fast-paced, multiple activity,

deadline environment. 

Skills Desired: Exposure to and some familiarity with: standard contract

terms; contract financial data and/or invoices; GSA contracts and

standard contract closeout and quick closeout options; and previous

successful job experience in a small-business environment.

Please note: Applicants selected will be subject to a government

investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to

classified information. 


5. Positions in Washington D.C. and San Diego, CA 


SAP Functional Consultants OSEC currently has multiple openings for

Functional and Technical Consultants in the San Diego, California and

Washington, DC areas. We are staffing Senior and Principal Level

positions immediately and over the upcoming months.

SAP Functional Consultant Candidates should have excellent configuration

experience as well as business analyst skills in SAP - FI/CO, to include

General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Cost Center Accounting, Profit Center

Accounting and Overhead Cost Controlling; MM, to include Purchasing,

Logistics, Inventory Management, Invoice Verification and Enterprise

Professional (EBP) experience, HR, to include Organizational Management,

Personnel Administration, Personnel Development, CATS and Integration

FI/CO/PS/PM; Funds Management (FM) and Sales and Distribution (SD). SAP

Technical Consultant Candidates should have excellent ABAP programming

skills. The incumbent will analyze user requests and provide both

and business process solutions; assist users with problem analysis and

provide appropriate resolutions; ability to research OSS Notes, if

necessary; create training and operational documents; write

functional/technical design specifications for development and monitor

operations to ensure accurate data entry and system operations.

in the governmental environment is strongly desired. A minimum of two
(2) to

five (5) years of SAP module implementation is required and full life

implementation of 4.6c is highly desirable. Additionally, requires a

level of proficiency with Microsoft Office products including, Outlook,

Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint. Bachelors Degree in any of the

following: finance, accounting, contracts, purchasing, economics,

management, marketing, quantitative methods, or organization and

Note: Applicants selected will be subject to a government security

investigation and may be required to meet eligibility requirements for

access to classified information. 

OSEC will consider relocation assistance to senior level candidates

outside the San Diego, California area. Travel may be required.

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