[Mailman-Users] New to Mailman, need help

Aviram Carmi avi at otn.com
Fri Aug 29 05:35:49 CEST 2003

seems to be better from sources...

I still cannot figure out how do to virtual domains lists.

I configured httpd with a virtual and I have the DNS set up properly....

Looks like this is working OK


you can see the test list.

however, I use the web interface to create the list, and I guess that 
the aliases for sendmail were not create.

how do I add these aliases after the fact???

just as an FYI here are my config files for mm/dns/apache

in mm_cfg.py I have this single line:

add_virtualhost('lists.first5ventura.org', 'lists.first5ventura.org')

DNS Setup:
$ cat /var/named/master/first5ventura.org
;; /var/named/master/first5ventura.org
$ORIGIN first5ventura.org.
$TTL 3600
@               IN      SOA     ns1.otn.com.    avi.otn.com. (
                         2003082806 ; serial
                         21600 ; refresh
                         1800 ; retry
                         604800 ; expire
                         3600 ; default_ttl
                 IN      NS      ns1.otn.com.
                 IN      NS      ns2.otn.com.
; WebStar server where the web site is hosted.
                 IN      A
; EIMS (Eudora Internet Mail Server running under MacOS 9.2.2)
; this is where the xxx at first5ventura POP3 mailboxes are hosted
                 IN      MX      10      smtp.otn.com.
; WebStar server where the web site is hosted
www             IN      A
; this is what I am trying to configure, linux2.otn.com is
; which is the machine with apache/sendmail/mailman
lists           IN      MX      10      linux2.otn.com.
lists           IN      A

from httpd.conf:

# virtual host for apache

     ServerAdmin avi at otn.com
     DocumentRoot /var/www/html/first5ventura
     ServerName lists.first5ventura.org
     ErrorLog logs/lists.first5ventura.org-error_log
     CustomLog logs/lists.first5ventura.org-access_log common
     ScriptAlias /mailman/ "/var/mailman/cgi-bin/"
     Alias /pipermail/ /var/mailman/archives/public/

<Directory /var/mailman/cgi-bin>
     AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
     AddHandler cgi-script .exe
     AllowOverride None
     Options +ExecCGI
     Order allow,deny
     Allow from all

<Directory /var/mailman/archives>
Options +FollowSymlinks
<Directory /var/mailman/archives/public/>
AddDefaultCharset Off


# server wide setup for main domain
ScriptAlias /mailman/ /var/mailman/cgi-bin/
Alias /pipermail/ /var/mailman/archives/public/

<Directory /var/mailman/archives>
Options +FollowSymlinks
<Directory /var/mailman/archives/public/>
AddDefaultCharset Off

At 12:33 -0700 08/28/2003, Aviram Carmi wrote:
>I am running on RHL 7.3 but I did install the Mailman RPM from RHL 9.0...
>will try installing from source, thanks,
>At 14:18 -0500 08/28/2003, Dan Phillips wrote:


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