[Mailman-Users] forwarding test-owner at lists.first5ventura.org to another domain?

Aviram Carmi avi at otn.com
Fri Aug 29 18:52:26 CEST 2003

At 09:10 +0300 08/29/2003, ODHIAMBO Washington wrote:
>* Aviram Carmi <avi at otn.com> [20030829 07:21]: wrote:
>>  Hi again,
>>  how do I forward email to list's owner
>>  test-owner at lists.first5ventura.org to lisa at first5ventura.org?
>>  same for the list's admin test-admin?
>>  I assume I need to mess with the /etc/aliases but I have no idea how
>>  to do it...
>You login in there and put the addresses, or if not, blow
>away the list and when recreating it, put the list owner
>as lisa at first5ventura.org.
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>posting/message(s), not above them. This is the basics of Netiquette.
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I will try it, but right now, sendmail will not even let me send mail 
to it. first it refused SMTP connections, now that I commended out 
something in sendmail.mc (per advise I got) sendmail refuses to 

did not know that, I always put my reply at the top, so that it is 
easier to find/read.  will put at the bottom from now own.



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