[Mailman-Users] Turn off MIMEDefang/SpamAssassin for outbound Mailman posts?

Gary Goldberg og at digimark.net
Tue Dec 2 18:32:16 CET 2003

Hello. I have Mailman 2.13 configured on Red Hat Linux 9 with Sendmail 8.12.9,
MIMEDefang 2.39, SpamAssassin 2.60. I have a separate sendmail -bd daemon running
on a high level port with DeliverMode=defer to avoid the DNS efficiency problem.
All mail inbound to the system is scanned with MIMEDefang/SpamAssassin, and then
re-scanned when the outbound Mailman message is sent.

Is there any way I can turn off MIMEDefang/SpamAsssassin for the outbound
Mailman only? It's tagging my digests as spam (score 5.5) even though the
posts that make up the digest all passed inbound. Thanks in advance. -Gary

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