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Marquise Williams Marquise.Williams at cptii.com
Mon Dec 1 20:39:25 CET 2003

How you doing.  We have mail man already on the server we use for our
website and we were trying to send out E-mails to people....but all we
keep getting is an E-mail to the moderators asking to approve or deny.
When we go to do that there is nothing there.  Nobody ever gets the
E-mail but they sit in the archives.  Any help would be much
This is the message moderators get:
As list administrator, your authorization is requested for the
following mailing list posting:

   List:    Updates at essdub.com
   From:    mrrictor at aol.com
   Subject: The Week of Sol Uprising - Sol Power
   Reason:  Post to moderated list

At your convenience, visit:

to approve or deny the request.


The Week of Sol Uprising - Sol Power
12/1/2003 5:54:33 AM Eastern Standard Time
MrRictor at aol.com
Updates at essdub.com
WWW.ESSDUB.COM <http://www.essdub.com/>  :: WWW.SHAMANWORK.COM
<http://www.shamanwork.com/>  :: WWW.SOLUPRISING.COM
Peace to all Shaman Work/ESSDUB.com fans and supporters... We are about
to enter a big week for Shaman Work Recordings with the worldwide
release of Sol Uprising's (www.soluprising.com
<http://www.soluprising.com/> ) incredible album - Sol Power.  The album
will be in most stores worldwide on Tuesday Dec. 2nd.  This album is the
brainchild of Sol Uprising's Lil Sci and Stacy Epps with the majority of
the production being handled by ID 4Windz (www.inviziblehandz.com
<http://www.inviziblehandz.com/> ).  Also on production are Detroit's
Lacks aka Ta'Raach, Suns of Light, and others... ESSDUB.com will soon be
offering the Sol Uprising album with their exclusive mix-cd - Rise Up -
which was beautifully mixed by Atlanta's Digital DJs... Another
exclusive goodie to look out for are the extremely hot Sol Uprising
wristbands (available in red, black, and green and red, gold, and
green).  It'll be hard to find the Sol Uprising album for a cheaper
price anywhere else online... SO COP FROM US!... Plus we'll get it to
you faster.
Other titles to make sure to pick up from ESSDUB.com are:
Sol Uprising - "We Ourself and Us" 12" (Vinyl)
MF DOOM - Special Herbs Vol. 456 (CD and 2LP)
MF DOOM (King Geedorah) - Take Me To Your Leader (Autographed CD)
Wale Oyejide - Broken Jazz 101 (CD)
Wale Oyejide - "Kaya" 12" (Vinyl)
Lacks oka Ta'Raach - Re:Lacks Instrumentals (Vinyl)
Lacks - Re:Lacks Vol. 1 With The World (CD)
The Alpha Projects (Both Volumes 1 and 2)
ESSDUB.com, Shaman Work Recordings, and Crew
E-mail: store at essdub.com 
Message board: www.alphabeats.com/forum/phpBB2 
www.essdub.com <http://www.essdub.com/>  
www.shamanwork.com <http://www.shamanwork.com/>  
www.craftedmusic.com <http://www.craftedmusic.com/>  
www.alphabeats.com <http://www.alphabeats.com/>  
www.battleofthebeats.com <http://www.battleofthebeats.com/>  
www.politix.net <http://www.politix.net/>  
www.craftedsports.com (coming soon)

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Updates-request at essdub.com

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