[Mailman-Users] RE:mailman wont send mail

Zimmermann Christian C.Zimmermann at virtuelle-apotheke.de
Wed Dec 3 08:36:33 CET 2003

thanks for all the Tipps folks.
But when I say what the mistake was you all gona beet me up.
mailman wasn´t startet.
I could bite in my ass, I spend a lot of time to find whats wrong an then..... argh.
I thought the service starts automaticly but.... anyway.
Thank to all.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen 
Christian Zimmermann
         (@ @)
VitaNet GmbH
Industriestr. 50b
69190 Walldorf
Tel: 06227-35676961
www.virtuelle-apotheke.de <http://www.virtuelle-apotheke.de/> 
c.zimmermann at virtuelle-apotheke.de 

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