[Mailman-Users] Multiple/Redundant Mailman servers

Charlie Watts cewatts at brainstorminternet.net
Wed Dec 3 19:41:43 CET 2003

What's the "Best Current Practice" for running Multiple or Redundant
Mailman servers?

I have a distributed mail system - centralized local message store, and
many SMTP/POP heads. I'd *like* to be able to run Mailman on all of them,
with the same lists and configs.

Currently I NFS mount the configs for many other software packages, and it
works well.

I've tried NFS mounting /usr/local/mailman, and making qfiles a symlink to
a local directory on each machine. This doesn't work; I get messages
shunted because of Stale NFS filehandles and permission errors, even
though check_perms says I'm good.

If this simply isn't possible, I can shunt all of the mail to a central
list server, and just back-up mailman so I can bring it up elsewhere if

But I'd love to have a way to do this.

Charlie Watts
Brainstorm Internet
970 247-1442 x113
cewatts at brainstorminternet.net

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