[Mailman-Users] test mail if mailman work or not?

b udhi19 budhi19 at bi.itb.ac.id
Thu Dec 4 03:19:38 CET 2003

Hello there,
i'm new to mailman, 
i have installing mailman 2.1.3 on my FBSD 5.1 machine
and have postfix as my MTA, everything work well
till i add my e-mail to list,
but when i'm trying to send mail to my list,
it sent, but it's not sent to other members

i've try this :

jalak# ps -aux | grep mailmanctl | grep -v grep
mailman 14157  0.0  0.0  7408   12  ??  Is    7:54AM   0:00.04 /usr/local/bin/python ./mailmanctl 
jalak# ps -aux | grep cron | grep -v grep
root      416  0.0  0.3  1300  200  ??  Is   12:09AM   0:00.30 /usr/sbin/cron

and set newaliases, 
any idea what's wrong...?
i've been looking for archives and manual but maybe i'm not smart enough,
so i still get stuck... any suggestion?


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