[Mailman-Users] Configuration Question

Justin W. Pauler justin at jwpauler.org
Thu Dec 4 04:05:14 CET 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

I'm trying to get my mailman configuration correct, but I'm having trouble
selecting the right options. 

More or less, I need to configure the list to allow anyone to post and then
receive a notice saying that the post was sent to the 'Support Team'. Only
those people whom I have subscribed manually will receive the message, but
most importantly, this message will forward directly to the list without
requiring moderator approval. I'm trying to set this up for users to forward
trouble tickets directly to our staff of volunteers.

Any ideas?

Justin W. Pauler
E-Mail: justin at jwpauler.org
WWW: http://www.jwpauler.org 

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